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Because I'm a dork, a collection of silly, funny and twisted songs on love and dating from various talented musical comedians. (And also The Jane Austen Argument, who aren't comics but who can be madly witty.)

I"m Staying Single - A Dysfunctional Dating mixCollapse )


Sports Night - Dan Rydell fanmix

"For I am Dan, doer of good things where women are concerned."

For I Am - A Dan Rydell mixCollapse )

Dec. 10th, 2008

I was randomly in a creative mood this evening, so here's a bunch of icons with lots of experimenting with various effects/styles.

[18] Paul McDermott
[04] Good News Week

pretend something witty is written hereCollapse )

Strangers With Candy general fanmix

Just a silly little mix of songs that I tend to associate with SWC.

The Drugs Made Me Do It - A Strangers With Candy mixCollapse )

Doug Anthony All Stars mood theme

You can download the zip file containing the entire mood theme here. Please credit shoemoney2night or gimcrack_icons in your userinfo if you do use it.

Doug Anthony All Stars - DVD caps

I went out and bought the DAAS DVD yesterday and went a bit nuts with the screencapping. XD So far I've got caps from episode one and two, as well as the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Episode One: 242 capsCollapse )

Episode Two: 140 capsCollapse )

Episode Three: 65 capsCollapse )

Episode Four: 78 capsCollapse )

Photo Gallery: 26 capsCollapse )

26 comedy-related icons

[03] Tim Minchin
[05] Paul McDermott
[01] Mikey Robins
[03] Claire Hooper
[03] Kristen Schaal
[04] Josh Thomas
[04] Good News Week
[01] GNW quote
[02] Adam Hills quotes

Whales, they"re just really juicy cows that live in the ocean.Collapse )

Sep. 4th, 2008

[14] Australian comedy (Adam Hills, Sammy J, Paul McDermott, Claire Hooper, Mikey Robins)


And that"s the good news.Collapse )